Leela Goa – Assistant Manager (Front Office)


Job  tittle       : Assistant Manager – Front Office

Department  : Front Office

Reports to     : Front Office Manager




To ensure smooth operation of the reception , concierge, bell service and airport services during your shift. Providing friendly and efficient service to Hotel guests and other patrons.




  1. To adhere to grooming and uniform guidelines and ensure same of subordinates.
  2. To act in the absence of senior management in all matters concerning the safety, security and well being of hotel guests, patrons and employees.
  3. To review daily arrivals to ensure proper handling of I.P’s and return guests, groups etc. and  assist with escorting with  V.I.P’s and  Return guests to their rooms.
  4. To inspect guest rooms and tour the hotel during each shift, completing maintenance requests as needed.
  5. To assist other departments as required in resolving problems or mobilizing staff during heavy demand periods. To handle guest problems and complaints, keeping relevant departments well informed as to the problems and action taken.
  6. To respond properly in any hotel emergency or safety situation.
  7. To conduct discipline and consult employees when needed.
  8. To communicate closely with other Assistant Managers to ensure follow up on any special  problems, guest request
  9. To control room rate, availability on full-house nights to maximize occupancy and revenue and protect guaranteed reservations. The ability to handle relocation of guests according to  established procedures. The ability to maintain close contact with other hotels with regard to their status on full house nights.
  10. To ensure adherence to all credit procedures in the Front Office, and to follow up on credit issues with the Credit Manager and Front Office Manager.
  11. To review all Paid Outs, Rebates, Petty Cash disbursements, Direct Billing as appropriate.
  12. To utilize the computer systems as well as the telephone switch board.
  13. To coordinate arrivals, departures and billing requirements.
  14. To supervise the entire hotel during the over night shift and be familiar with all Front Office, Night Audit, Reservations, Housekeeping, Concierge, Valet Parking and Telephone policies and procedures.
  15. To work closely with all hotel departments having staff on the night shift to provide the quality of service which is equal to daytime hours.
  16. To review late arrivals, next day arrivals and departures, in-house list and next day function sheets.
  17. To assist in checking guests in and out and be knowledgeable on all aspects of hotel services, hours of operations, local attractions, group policies and credit policies.
  18. To process DNA ( Did Not Arrive ) guests, according to procedure and prepare
  19. To take messages from employees who call during the night shift who will not be able to report for their shift and ensure the appropriate section is notified and schedule changes are initiated if necessary.
  20. To deal with night employee grievances and problems in an efficacious and fair manner, disciplines.
  21. To ensure the complimentary coffee service is set up properly and on time for early morning departures.
  22. Manages day-to-day operations, ensuring the quality, standards and meeting the expectations of the customers on a daily basis.
  23. Participates in department meetings and continually communicates a clear and consistent message regarding the Front Desk goals to produce desired results.
  24. Supports all areas of the Front Office in the absence of the Front Office or Assistant Front Office Manager.
  25. To check employee menu on a nightly basis to insure freshness and quality of food as well as adherence to the pre-planned menu.
  26. To ensure Hotel and grooming policies for all departments  by advising relevant department heads/assistants of the shortcomings observed.
  27. To establish regular and continual contact with guests staying in the hotel and long staying guests and to maintain presence in guest contact areas.
  28. The ability to perform other tasks or project as assigned by hotel management.
  29. To look into the daily functions of Concierge and Bell services and innovate to provide the unexpected.
  30. Handles complaints, settling disputes, and resolving grievances and conflicts, or otherwise negotiating with others.
  31. Participates in department meetings and continually communicates a clear and consistent message regarding the Front Desk goals to produce desired results.
  32. To prepare monthly newspaper expenditure statement for verification.
  33. To conduct training for all Concierge staff.
  34. To prepare the Morning Brief Packet for all Departmental Heads and P.C as per guidelines during overnight shift.
  35. To oversee the operations of Guest transport and Airport services
  36. Maintain confidentiality of The Leela and its guests.

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